Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween is always a fun time for us. Last year I started a new tradition where the kids can be whatever they want at school for the parade, but for the evening Trunk or Treat and the few homes we go to, they have to be something that goes together in threes. This year was one of our best I think. During the day Bryce was a boxer, grandma made him a shiny robe and I bought him some boxing gloves. I also blacked his eye with some face paint. He looked good. Britton was a ninja. He had a fun costume with black body suit and yellow robe, we painted his face some too. Brooke was Pocahonatas. Grandma and her neighbor made a fun costume that looked like buckskin. They even made her little boots. They had fun at school and looked great in the parade around the school.

Now for the evening events they changed into another costume. They all had gray sweatpants with gray sweatshirts. Then grandma made three tails and masks. They already had sunglasses and I made three canes that were white with red tape at the bottom. Got the picture? Yep, they were the three blind mice! They were adorable. I dressed up like the Farmer's wife who cut off their tails! We had a fun evening. We went to a street that was well decorated and gave away fun stuff and lots of it. Then to the church for the Trunk or Treat. From there Mel and Jess came over for a Pinata time. Had fun with that, then we had to go to our regular Halloween visits. Saw Brother and Sister Cordell, Amy Fawcett and Roy and Jane Hoyt. That one is always fun, Jane buys the kids a box of cereal since about 4 years ago they went in her pantry when we were there trick or treating and each took some cereal. It was a fun evening. Already thinking about what we can be next year. Any ideas let me know! Had ideas of Three Musketeers or Three Stooges. :)