Saturday, November 27, 2010


Darin's parents had everyone over for Thanksgiving. It had been a rather warm fall so not many leaves had fallen. With Thanksgiving the leaves were finally starting to fall and oh what fun the kids had with all the leaves that day. Grandpa was pleased with the work since it gave them something to do outside and he did not have to rake up the leaves. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mesquite Marathon!!

After a disappointing run at the St. George Marathon, Darin and his friend Cory decided they wanted to try the Mesquite Marathon. Early in November, we had hopes of Darin qualifying for the Boston Marathon and the two of us going there to run the Marathon. With the record setting filling of the Boston Marathon, which only took 8 hours to sell out, our hopes of going to Boston were destroyed. He still wanted to run the Mesquite race, so we went to Nevada with some friends and had a great time. Well, a great time as far as being with friends and laughing and enjoying ourselves. The race was another story. The weather was terrible. Cool temperatures made for a chilly start. The wind was the worst for running. There were 35 mph gusts, and constant winds blowing the whole race. Not so good for running a 26 mile long race. Well, it was tough, but Darin finished 3rd in his age group, was 26th overall out of over 200 runners. He was pleased. I decided the marathon was a bit much for me, so I ran the half marathon. I was 1st in my age group and placed rather high overall. The wind was way tough on my little body, I felt like it blew me from one side of the road to the other. It was a fun run. Glad Cory and Mel could join us. We had another couple meet us there to run too, Glen and Kasey Watts ran. The men felt strong or were crazy, which ever you choose, so they ran the marathon. The women were more sane I guess you could say that was a matter of opinion. We all ran the half marathon.

Darin and I at Packet Pick up

Mel and Cory Reese - our friends who do crazy things with us!

Flags blowing straight out showing how windy it was. Cory recorded a short video and put it on, watch it here to see how windy it was at the race. Mesquite Marathon!

Glen, Jason Smith, Darin and Cory at the beginning of the race.

The Mesquite Marathon, the half looked just the same. :) Not much scenery in this part of the country. The marathon went through three states though, starting in Utah, then Arizona for lots, then finishing in Nevada.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Little Wolves!!!

Pin #2 for each little boy. Fun stuff going on in scouts. They did great pinning my awards on me too. I wait for the day they poke my finger or theirs too. :) They are having fun learning new things and being with the other boys in an organized situation. They have really enjoyed doing different topics and learning interesting fun things. What a busy life they have.
My boys pin their mother pins on me.

I will do my best, I will do my duty . . .

Mom and her little scouts.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana Chair Catapult Anyone?!

There are times you like getting phone calls from your kids and times when the caller says, "Mom, come home right now!!!" I did not question it and I ran straight home from the church. Of course all kinds of things go rushing through your mind as to what could be wrong. I knew it was not too bad, but still bad enough not to discuss on the phone and to head straight home, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Visit with your friends, just get home. Well as I ran in the house, Matt yells we are downstairs. I get down the stairs and there is Britton lying on the ground with a bloody paper towel on his head. I realized I can take pressure and gross things kind of well that night. We got things cleaned up and I called Darin to let him know we were headed to the doctor for stitches. Up to this point Britton had been rather calm, no tears, no freaking out, but at the word Stitches, he went crazy on me. I finally got him calmed down, but with the limited training I had I knew we needed them. The doctor was amazing and numbed it with some ointment and continued to let him know we had to close up the sore, but never said the "S" word again. We understood what she would be doing, but he did not, and he remained calm. Well, five stitches later and a nice black eye out of it, here he is. What fun a catapult on a banana chair can be?!! Whose idea was it anyway, brother? :)