Friday, October 23, 2009

Break from School

With Friday and Monday off from school, we decided to take a little trip. We met Amy and her family for a camping trip in Valley of Fire. What a fun time we had. We enjoyed a fire for Tin Foil dinners, marshmellows, and S'mores. We definitely did not need it because of cold, it was 90 degrees and the kids slept in a tent, so weather was great. The kids had a great time climbing the beautiful red rocks with Ryan and Jared. I was smart mom and found yellow shirts for everyone to wear so I could count five "mountain goats" very quickly. Speaking of mountains, the kids spotted a mountain sheep not far from our camp. We took a few pictures and just enjoyed watching him eat something from the desert ground. On the final day Darin and I went on an hour long hike around the mountains with the kids. We caught a lizard, which by the way five days later is still alive. We had a great time. The kids said they wanted to come back every year. It was a nice relaxing get a way. Valley of Fire is a state park, so there were some visitor spots we went and visited. We saw some petroglyphs and went to the Visitors Center. Fun times we had.

Cross Country

Running and then more running! We finished up our Cross Country season on Wednesday, Oct 21st. The week prior my kids ran Region in St. George and took 3rd. The boys qualified for State, but the girls were 4th, so they did not make it. We have the toughest region in the state, so we were looking forward to a high finish at state. Since we did not have very many kids, we took two vans to Salt Lake. Darin and I took one with three crazy boys, Matt and two of his friends, Ben and Rush. The other van was driven by another runner's parents, Ben and Angela Ashcraft. We got there Tuesday night and of course ate at Olive Garden. The race Wednesday afternoon was good. Grandma and Carol were also there to watch. The runners did well and placed pretty good. Our top runner was Rush who placed 12th. Matt had a good race and ran the race in 18:08. Our team placed 6th which was a good finish for us. The season was good and we had lots of success.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We decided to go to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. It was lots of fun. We met Jess and her family there so the kids had a great time playing with McKendry and Connor. They played on the horse swing, rode the train, pet the animals and played on the barn swing. After playing for a while we got on a tractor/trailor and rode out to the pumpkin patch. We walked around what seemed like forever to find the right pumpkin. We finally got them and rode back to the main park. It was a fun afternoon. We now have our pumpkins, but wait a week or two before we put pictures on of our carving party!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

St. George Marathon

Well it was extremely difficult to sleep Friday night, October 2nd. After a restless night I got up at 4:00 and prepared to leave for a most exciting day. So many early mornings of running and making my friends bike with me or Darin and Matthew run with me, we left for the marathon. It was an exciting morning with all the people gathering around the fires at the top of the mountain by the starting line. The wait went quick though and there we were getting ready to start the race. Yes, over 6,000 people had paid to run 26.2 miles! My knee started hurting at mile 5, but I got help at mile 7 with that and it was ok the rest of the race. Mel and Jess were at mile 16 to cheer me on. It was a much needed sight since I was really starting to get tired. I hit the wall by 19 and struggled up the hill at Ledges. By the time I got to 20, I could see St. George, but I still struggled for a bit. With three miles left I had the adrenaline I needed to complete the race and started watching for people I knew. The kids had made three posters that said "Go Shelly", "Good Job, Mom!" and then "Pick it up! Merthon Mom!" Well all the cheering, many miles and hard work paid off because I ran a 3:36 and qualified for Boston. It was well worth it but I am sure I will pay for it for quite some time!

Eye Surgery

It took years to convince me that it was ok to have the Lasik Eye Surgery. Well it actually took Bryce to get a piece of Pampas grass stuck in his eye over spring break to let me see it really would be okay to do it. Well on September 25th, I took the challenge and had the surgery. I went on a long run Friday morning to relieve a little stress. Then at 9 AM, Darin and I drove into St. George to the doctor. I was extremely nervous, but with a little Valium, I was ok! :) The surgery part was a bit uncomfortable, but as a mom I can guarantee I have had more painful moments! After the long 10 minutes surgery I was instructed on what eye drops to take when and what medicines to take. We came straight home and I enjoyed the afternoon of many naps! By that evening I was seeing a lot better, but it was not until the next morning that I could see real good! It was worth it and I wish I would not have waited so long to have the surgery. If you are considering it, do it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Fun Run

About a month ago Bryce and Brook asked us when they could run a 3-mile race with us. My first thought was "Why are you going crazy like the rest of us?" But I refrained from saying anything and told them soon. My friend Karrie was putting on a Fun Run in Hurricane. It was a nice 3-mile course easy for the kids to do. We trained a little for it and then came race day. Earlier that month, Britton had told me he did not want to run, so I did not force him to, but did tell him that he had to be supportive and cheer for the other two. He agreed and did a great job. He road around the course with both grandpas and grandmas and cheered at several corners. Matt ran the course in 20 minutes and took 1st overall. Shortly behind him in 5th overall was Bryce at a time of 26:32. I ran with him and it was fun hearing him say, "Mom, can we go a little faster?" With about 1/2 mile left his shoe came untied. I told him not to worry about it that it would not fall off. Well, mom was wrong and as we turned the corner with 50 feet left it flew off. Funny thing to see, but he kept running. Brooke was the 3rd overall female runner of the day and did the course in 27:58. Watch out high school runners, this girl is faster than you! Dad ran with Brooke and said she chatted the whole way. If any of you know Brooke I am sure you can imagine that! She would say things like, "Dad, hear those birds? They are saying, Thank you for the bird seed you leave at your house. I like it." Oh, the words of Brooke always make me laugh. It was definitely an enjoyable race. I am sure we have lots more to do as a family.