Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One More Sunset

If we weren't playing we were looking at the sunset and walking on the beach. Saving our money to take the kids there someday. We have 19 states covered, so we have a while before we make it there with them, but it will happen.

Final Sunset in Hawaii

We had a great time on the trip. It was one of those things where you prepare so long for it then it finally comes and just like that it was over. It was a great week that we will never forget. After we had played all week and did so many things we all had one final request to be back at the resort early evening. Our resort was on the west side of the island. I am not sure there was a better place to see the sunset. It was beautiful. It was the perfect end to our perfect week. I know many of you have gone there, but if you haven't I would encourage you to go. I have to admit I enjoyed the time with just Darin, but truly missed my kids after two days, but would not have traded the time with Darin and friends. These pictures will not do justice to the real thing, but hope you like a few of my sunset pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Catamaran and Body Surfing!

For the next couple of days we continued to be regular tourists and enjoy the island! We had to go on the ocean so we reserved our spot on the Catamaran! It was a big sailboat that took us on a two hour tour! Did you want to start singing the Gilligan song right then? It was fun and we were able to see a battleship, a submarine, a turtle and lots of dolphins. I tried to take lots of pictures, but only got a few good ones. After the boat ride I ran all over the island looking for the one souvenir I had promised Bryce, a basketball from Hawaii with the word Hawaii on it. I finally found it in the University of Hawaii store. Then on Saturday we went up the coast and played on the beach. We did some fun body surfing. Darin can't read and disobeyed the sign and jumped off the cliff. It was so fun that day. We did everything we wanted and more. The people we went with were great. One more post to come with a few more sunset pics.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snorkeling, Waimea Bay, PCC, SHAVED ICE and more!

Wednesday we spent some time at the Swap meet so we could purchase our souvenirs. After Darin got tired of shopping, yes it was quick, then we headed over to the beach to try some snorkeling! It was a fun activity that took me a bit to get used to but it was worth it. After I got the hang of it we swam out a ways and saw lots of fish, a sea turtle, a scary electric eel and lots of weird people! It was a fun. Then we spent some time with friends from Hurricane that had taken their girls to Hawaii. It was a relaxing barbecue. Thursday we went to Waimea Bay for a nice little walk. Part way up the hill it started to pour on us. Not just a little rain, but tons! We tried to hide under the trees, but still got drenched. At the top Darin, Jess and Josh swam to the waterfall. From there we headed to the Hawaii Temple and the PCC. The temple was closed and would be for another year. We had gone to a luau on Tuesday at our resort, so the PCC was fun, but seemed to be a lot the same to me. It was enjoyable and I am glad we went. On our way home we found the famous Muotosue's Shaved Ice. It was really good Thursday, but even better on Saturday. That's story in itself and would not be given justice in writing, so ask Cory or Darin about that one someday. : ) Fun times were had by all.

More Hawaii

We had tons of fun on our trip. We stayed at a fun resort on the beach. The resort had four smaller private beaches and a cool swimming pool. We are excited to take the kids there in the future. On our first day, Monday, we just hung out and rested from our flight. We found the stores for food and supplies. We also found a McDonald's which sold SPAM. It is a popular meat in Hawaii. Funny thing is both Darin and I remember eating Spam when we were kids. We will be having a meal with Spam, rice and pineapple soon, all are welcome to come!! : ) On Tuesday, we went to Pearl Harbor. What an amazing place. We walked through a submarine, toured the area then took a short boat ride over to the USS Arizona. To walk on the deck of the memorial and see the oil drops in the water, it was all surreal. After that we went on a hike up to Diamond Head. It is an extinct volcano and was a great hike. Cory and I tried to run up part of it, but kept getting stopped by people who were wearing flip flops or heals. Serious? On a hike? It was a fun hike. More days to come . . .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After more than a year of preparing we did it. We went on our trip to Hawaii. The group that ended up going was Cory and Melanie Reese, Josh and Jessica Jensen and Darin and I. We were sad when Silas and Mel were unable to go, but with work the way it was he was unable to get the time off. We left Sunday March 7th and returned Sunday March 14th. It was seven days of good weather, although the wind blows there too, walking lots of places, hiking a volcano, touring history, swimming with the fish, eating shaved ice that is better than SnoShack's : ) and just having tons of fun with great friends! It is tough to say what was our favorite part, there were so many fun things we did. I am glad I have over 600 pictures though to look back on and laugh about. I have posted a few now and will do my best to get a few more on in the next little while. I did have to post our snorkeling picture because one, it was just lots of fun to swim with the turtle, the eels and the little Dori fishes and two, this is just a glimpse at the type of people we are and that went with us. What a group of goofballs! More to come . . .

First Season of Basketball

Well our first season of basketball has ended. It was a fun season and we had lost of support and fans. Darin and the kids attended almost all the games and got to know the girls well. As far as the wins and losses goes I would rather not base our season on that, but on what we learned and how much fun we had. : ) We made some great improvements and have many of the players returning next season. The girls were lots of fun and a great group that wanted to learn. For all the new plays and defenses we threw at them they did a great job. We lost several close games that could have gone either way, but usually not ours. I am excited for next season when we can continue where we left off this season and have a great season next year.