Thursday, May 27, 2010


We can't believe it has happened to us. We have joined the ranks of the old with a graduate. : ) Matthew graduated this spring. Can't believe our oldest has reached that milestone. I think the part that gets me most is knowing I have to drive by myself to work, won't be able to text him during school hours to come see me : ) and to know that he won't be in my math class anymore. Starts to bring tears to my eyes still. It was a great graduation though. He had so many people come to support him. It was great to see everyone that came, grandparents, aunts, uncles, lots of cousins and bunches of friends. Thanks to all of you that came and have helped him. I have finally been able to get him to write Thank You cards, now getting those delivered is our next goal and chore. Don't worry, yours is coming. His plans as of now are to go to Dixie State for a year and then next summer wait for his mission call. Hopefully we can all handle each other for one more year and not drive him crazy. You know how parents get after the young adult has graduated. : )

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  1. I have been wondering why Matt hasn't cashed our check for graduation. Come to find out it is still sitting on my counter. That shows you how fast clutter can build up on our counter. I may get it to him by the time we go to Bryce.