Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Little Scouts!!

With the 8th birthday comes the start of Cub Scouts. I feel like I just got done helping Matt with his 9 years of scouting and now I am starting over. The boys are excited and remind us each week when it is time to go to their meetings. After a month we went to a Pack Meeting and I started my pin collection again. I love my little scouts, they are so cute. In September they attended the 100 year celebration of scouting. They had a great time making swords, shields and having a great time. They were reminded over and over to keep track of each other.

With the boys getting involved in scouting, Brooke is starting Achievement Days for the girls. I also have a friend who has a group of Girls Scouts, so she is doing that too. She is excited about it and we are excited because she will sell us Girl Scout cookies, who can turn those down?! : ) Fun stuff going on in our home.

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