Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

Halloween time is always lots of fun for us. We start the week before with cutting the pumpkins. They are old enough now I let them do the whole thing by themselves. Well almost all of it. I help take the gross guts out of the inside. Then they draw the face and take the amazing safety knife and cut it like they want it. Always an interesting face that is created.

Matt thinking of an amazing design for this year.

Brooke smiles with her master piece.

Britton never has liked his hands getting dirty and
this is beyond with all the slime and everything!

Bryce gives us the evil laugh as he cleans out his pumpkin.

Annual Costume Parade at the elementary schools are always fun. You get to see all the kids and the creative costumes. I usually let the kids pick two costumes - one for the parade and one for that evening at the Trunk or Treat. The school one is they want to be and the evening one is the Trio being something from a theme. This year we joined with our friend Jessica and her kids. We went with the Toy Story Theme and what fun we had. We started with school on Friday and party time. Then Saturday ran the race and then that evening went to the Trunk or Treat, then did our evening visits to many friends that want to see the Triplets all dress up. It make for a long evening and they are beat when we get home, but it is fun to show them off. Any ideas for next year and what the Trio can be, you just let me know. We start thinking a year in advance, but of course we are like everyone else and prepare the week or less before. :) Any suggestions?

Bryce as the Dinosaur from Toy Story

Britton as the Ninja for the school parade

Brooke and Bryce as Slinky and Rex

The Toy Story Gang - Brooke as Slinky Dog, Connor as Buzz, Britt as Sarge, McKendry as Jessie and Bryce as the Rex the Dinosaur. What a fun evening we had.

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