Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saturday and Sunday - Just relaxing!

Saturday we just hung out in Rifle and then went to the movie. The kids had all wanted to see Ice Age 3, so we went to that one. It was a cute movie. Sunday we went to church with Grandma and Carol. It was nice being a visitor again. Not many more of those though before we get put back to work in our home ward. It has been nice relaxing at with my parents and not being on the go. We leave tomorrow for Moab. A week from today we will be home. So any of you that may miss us, not much time left before you see us! The kids have not seen the Arches, and I think they will like them.

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  1. your comment worked, still need to talk more serious to Silas about we'll see! So the only downfall on Ashley is that there is NO MORE ROOMS, or KABINS to reserve, and I am pretty sure after looking at the floor plan that her and Matt(her husband, not your matt he he ) can't fit, still trying though. I will call you when I know for sure!!!