Friday, September 18, 2009

Cross Country

It's crazy to think the season is about half over already. It has gone fast and we have had some fun. When I started this coaching thing 14 years ago I had about 8 kids on the team. It made for short practices and meets. Not sure if I was faster then or if they were just slower, but I could run with all of them. With this season I have 35 kids and all levels. I have to ride my bike now to keep up with the first ones and check on the back ones. I still run with them sometimes, but much easier to bike. Matt has done a pretty good job this year. He has struggled with some times but still runs on the varsity squad. We went to Vegas last weekend and he placed 15th in the race and got a medal. The boys team took 2nd to a California school. They performed pretty well. We ran in the small school division, which has fewer schools, but did well. We will be running a fun run 5K tomorrow in our town. Brooke and Bryce said they wanted to run a 3 mile race so we are going to give it a try. Britton will be our biggest fan, but really isn't into that running stuff. He is too cute, so I will keep him in the family anyway! : ) I will write tomorrow to let you know how we all did.


  1. Where's your tomorrow post?? I'm glad you guys all did so well at your meet and that the kids did Karries 5k. I will take Britton off your hands! See you in about 6hrs at church!

  2. Coach out of all the times i've ran for you you've ran with me... 2.