Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family Fun Run

About a month ago Bryce and Brook asked us when they could run a 3-mile race with us. My first thought was "Why are you going crazy like the rest of us?" But I refrained from saying anything and told them soon. My friend Karrie was putting on a Fun Run in Hurricane. It was a nice 3-mile course easy for the kids to do. We trained a little for it and then came race day. Earlier that month, Britton had told me he did not want to run, so I did not force him to, but did tell him that he had to be supportive and cheer for the other two. He agreed and did a great job. He road around the course with both grandpas and grandmas and cheered at several corners. Matt ran the course in 20 minutes and took 1st overall. Shortly behind him in 5th overall was Bryce at a time of 26:32. I ran with him and it was fun hearing him say, "Mom, can we go a little faster?" With about 1/2 mile left his shoe came untied. I told him not to worry about it that it would not fall off. Well, mom was wrong and as we turned the corner with 50 feet left it flew off. Funny thing to see, but he kept running. Brooke was the 3rd overall female runner of the day and did the course in 27:58. Watch out high school runners, this girl is faster than you! Dad ran with Brooke and said she chatted the whole way. If any of you know Brooke I am sure you can imagine that! She would say things like, "Dad, hear those birds? They are saying, Thank you for the bird seed you leave at your house. I like it." Oh, the words of Brooke always make me laugh. It was definitely an enjoyable race. I am sure we have lots more to do as a family.

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