Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thomas Christmas Party

December started with Darin running a relay race with four other guys. I had planned on running it with some friends, but after getting sick I was lucky to be able to run a mile. Darin had a great time and their team did good. They each ran about 10 miles during two different legs. It was an all day event which was good for us at home so we could put up our Christmas decorations and lights. If any of you know Darin, him being gone while we did that was good. : ) The next weekend was the Thomas Christmas Party. There were lots of family for that and it was good to see them. Kayla was back from college and Josh came over from St. George. We missed not having Gary, Jill, Calais, Jordyn and Camille who are in Texas. We also missed Greg, Diana, Chris, Andrew and Kimberly who are in Washington. It was a fun party with our family, Amy's family and several other cousins and grandparents.

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