Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where did November go?!

I have gotten way behind on this blogging thing! After the marathon my training decreased quite a bit. Running just wasn't as fun anymore. I enjoyed being with Darin and my friends but did not go too much. Darin, Matthew and I did run the Butch Cassidy 10K the beginning of November. It was a good race and we all got a medal for our respective age groups - old, young and younger! : ) The week before Thanksgiving I started to get a pretty good cough. I came home from work Thursday and called a sub for Friday. But Friday morning I was headed to the doctor. Well with all the hand sanitizing and precautions we had taken, it did not matter, I had gotten the H1N1 virus. I don't think I have ever been so sick. It hit fast and very hard. I was about 5 days in bed and several days after that with little energy. It is now January and I am finally over the cough. I immediately had the kids get immunized for it. I did not want them to feel like I did. I was out of commission the entire week of Thanksgiving. Luckily we had a family party at Darin's parents' home so I did not have to prepare the meal. Thanks to extended family for the party. While I was sick my family was great. Darin took care of the meals and the kids. Matt would come home during breaks at school and lunch to check on me. I found out that Britton could go only two days without physical contact from mom, then he needed a hug. Love that kid. Brooke was the little mom and helped with the family. Bryce brought me breakfast in bed one day. It looked great too, but since I was unable to keep any food down for four days I had to fake eating it. As a mom though, I showed my extreme appreciation. The house did continue to work and everyone was good. Amazingly no one else got sick, so I had that to be thankful for. On Thanksgiving morning the other five ran a Turkey Trot race. They are amazing. I love to watch them run! They destroy lots of people too. Just a little side note. : ) Well that was November and it was here and gone so fast. Maybe because I slept through so many days of it at the end.

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