Friday, October 23, 2009

Break from School

With Friday and Monday off from school, we decided to take a little trip. We met Amy and her family for a camping trip in Valley of Fire. What a fun time we had. We enjoyed a fire for Tin Foil dinners, marshmellows, and S'mores. We definitely did not need it because of cold, it was 90 degrees and the kids slept in a tent, so weather was great. The kids had a great time climbing the beautiful red rocks with Ryan and Jared. I was smart mom and found yellow shirts for everyone to wear so I could count five "mountain goats" very quickly. Speaking of mountains, the kids spotted a mountain sheep not far from our camp. We took a few pictures and just enjoyed watching him eat something from the desert ground. On the final day Darin and I went on an hour long hike around the mountains with the kids. We caught a lizard, which by the way five days later is still alive. We had a great time. The kids said they wanted to come back every year. It was a nice relaxing get a way. Valley of Fire is a state park, so there were some visitor spots we went and visited. We saw some petroglyphs and went to the Visitors Center. Fun times we had.

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  1. You have got to be the most impressive thinker ever for coming up with YELLOW shirts. against the red rock it was perfect! Looks like some serious fun was had!