Thursday, March 25, 2010

Snorkeling, Waimea Bay, PCC, SHAVED ICE and more!

Wednesday we spent some time at the Swap meet so we could purchase our souvenirs. After Darin got tired of shopping, yes it was quick, then we headed over to the beach to try some snorkeling! It was a fun activity that took me a bit to get used to but it was worth it. After I got the hang of it we swam out a ways and saw lots of fish, a sea turtle, a scary electric eel and lots of weird people! It was a fun. Then we spent some time with friends from Hurricane that had taken their girls to Hawaii. It was a relaxing barbecue. Thursday we went to Waimea Bay for a nice little walk. Part way up the hill it started to pour on us. Not just a little rain, but tons! We tried to hide under the trees, but still got drenched. At the top Darin, Jess and Josh swam to the waterfall. From there we headed to the Hawaii Temple and the PCC. The temple was closed and would be for another year. We had gone to a luau on Tuesday at our resort, so the PCC was fun, but seemed to be a lot the same to me. It was enjoyable and I am glad we went. On our way home we found the famous Muotosue's Shaved Ice. It was really good Thursday, but even better on Saturday. That's story in itself and would not be given justice in writing, so ask Cory or Darin about that one someday. : ) Fun times were had by all.

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  1. I love the pictures on the sidebar. Beautiful. Your trip sounds awesome.