Monday, March 29, 2010

Catamaran and Body Surfing!

For the next couple of days we continued to be regular tourists and enjoy the island! We had to go on the ocean so we reserved our spot on the Catamaran! It was a big sailboat that took us on a two hour tour! Did you want to start singing the Gilligan song right then? It was fun and we were able to see a battleship, a submarine, a turtle and lots of dolphins. I tried to take lots of pictures, but only got a few good ones. After the boat ride I ran all over the island looking for the one souvenir I had promised Bryce, a basketball from Hawaii with the word Hawaii on it. I finally found it in the University of Hawaii store. Then on Saturday we went up the coast and played on the beach. We did some fun body surfing. Darin can't read and disobeyed the sign and jumped off the cliff. It was so fun that day. We did everything we wanted and more. The people we went with were great. One more post to come with a few more sunset pics.

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