Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Hawaii

We had tons of fun on our trip. We stayed at a fun resort on the beach. The resort had four smaller private beaches and a cool swimming pool. We are excited to take the kids there in the future. On our first day, Monday, we just hung out and rested from our flight. We found the stores for food and supplies. We also found a McDonald's which sold SPAM. It is a popular meat in Hawaii. Funny thing is both Darin and I remember eating Spam when we were kids. We will be having a meal with Spam, rice and pineapple soon, all are welcome to come!! : ) On Tuesday, we went to Pearl Harbor. What an amazing place. We walked through a submarine, toured the area then took a short boat ride over to the USS Arizona. To walk on the deck of the memorial and see the oil drops in the water, it was all surreal. After that we went on a hike up to Diamond Head. It is an extinct volcano and was a great hike. Cory and I tried to run up part of it, but kept getting stopped by people who were wearing flip flops or heals. Serious? On a hike? It was a fun hike. More days to come . . .

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