Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final Sunset in Hawaii

We had a great time on the trip. It was one of those things where you prepare so long for it then it finally comes and just like that it was over. It was a great week that we will never forget. After we had played all week and did so many things we all had one final request to be back at the resort early evening. Our resort was on the west side of the island. I am not sure there was a better place to see the sunset. It was beautiful. It was the perfect end to our perfect week. I know many of you have gone there, but if you haven't I would encourage you to go. I have to admit I enjoyed the time with just Darin, but truly missed my kids after two days, but would not have traded the time with Darin and friends. These pictures will not do justice to the real thing, but hope you like a few of my sunset pictures.

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