Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Golden Gate Bridge and other scary sights!! : )

We decided to venture into San Francisco one more time. Not that the excitement of one day wasn't enough. The people, the close and tall buildings, the traffic, and the public transportation could not keep us away from one more adventure. So we left the safety of our trailer and drove to the famous place. When we arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge, the clouds were low and the fog horn kept going off. I got several pictures where you could not even see the bridge there was so much fog.

Our first goal was to walk across the bridge. It is just over 1 1/2 miles long, so we thought it would work out for us to walk it and have Darin drive across and meet us walking. The traffic was not so nice looking though, so we decided to walk to what we thought was the middle. It was a very chilly walk at points when the wind off the ocean blew. We continued to walk and look out at Alcatraz, Pier 39 that we had seen the day before, and the city of San Francisco. We got to our turn around point and realized we had basically walked across the bridge. We only had a little farther to go and we were at the other side. It went fast though as we turned around and walked back to our car. The bridge is amazing. I am glad the engineers and architects that made this bridge did not skip any of their math classes. : )
This picture of Darin is him by a phone. It was crazy - the sign said "Crisis Counseling - There is hope make the call. Consequences of jumping from this bridge are fatal and tragic." I guess all our traveling had pushed him over the edge. :) Actually he knew his friend Cory would get a good laugh out of the phone so he took it for you, Cory!!

After walking the bridge we drove over to Fisherman's Wharf and ate at the Rainforest Jungle Restaurant. It was all decorated with jungle scenery and animals. Every so often the animals did a show for you and there were saltwater fish tank on all the walls. It was a fun place to eat.

After that we had one stop to make. I had promised two boys there was no way we were going to San Francisco and not stopping at the 49ers stadium. I had it all mapped out to get there and did not think it would be much of a problem, but I had forgotten one other item that San Francisco is known for and that there had been a big Pride Run the day before, so of course on one of the main roads there would be a big party. For any of you that know Darin, yes plug your ears because he is still cussing about what we saw. The contest the day before between Darin and Matthew was to see who could spot the worst couple. They had some pretty normal looking people, but then a group of about five walked out of a store that were pretty bad. The winning couple was finally spotted by me as we waited to turn a corner. I could not even take a picture and I apologize to my kids for allowing them to see it. They had on longer boots with little strings with puffy balls on the ends, no shirts of course, and covering the remaining parts were leather speedo looking "pants". Oh it was bad, you are welcome for the visual by the way. ;) This was a normal sight around the town.

We had done so well not see too many, but that corner did it for us. We hustled over to the stadium and then left the great island for our last visit there. Of course it is one of those places to visit once, but I think I can find a few more places to return to and this would probably not top the list. : )

The home of the favorite football team of my two oldest boys!!


  1. No. Way. I would not believe such a phone existed if I hadn't seen the picture. That is by far the funniest thing I have seen all day!

  2. Did you just ask those two guys for their picture. How could two men so beautiful be........Ha Ha!!

  3. Yeah, did you or Darin ask them for their picture? I hate to admit it, but I actually did a Scentsy booth for Pride Day in Springdale. It was a disaster! Just a bunch of, well you know, all liquored up & talking the way they do.