Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beware of the Tsunami!!

Today was basically a travel day. We headed for Bandon, Oregon which is one of the further western points in the United States. The closer we got to the coast the colder it got. Being this direction helps me appreciate the warm Utah weather, but it helps Darin think he would like to move somewhere cooler. The temperature was 62 degrees and our crazy kids still wanted to get in the pool.

Our camp site was way cool though. It was nestled down in lots of trees. It was a real nice site, but a bit too much away from the sun. I think the part that was the best of the day was the Tsunami signs. The signs are located all up and down the coast highway. They are preparing for a tsunami around here. There is another sign describing what to do if one hits, but the sign says one happened about 1700. Better prepare for it now in 2010. It was a much needed sign for a good laugh.

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  1. Get some meat on those bones so the kids can enjoy 62 degree weather. So glad you can be reminded of me whenever you see 60 degrees. The swamp cooler isn't getting the temp of our house to 60 but it is much much cooler than before! Still have a borrowed ladder, we should get it back before you come home....."should" is the key word!!