Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crater Lake National Park

After all the excitement of San Francisco, we decide to head north to the more isolated area of Oregon. One can only handle so much of that excitement. We stopped in Goldhill, Oregon near Medford. It was not far from Crater Lake National Park, so that was our next visit. This trip has definitely been one of many weather changes. From heat and sunburns to cold winds off the ocean to snow! Yes you read that right, snow. At Crater Lake, which is about 6,000 feet. there is still lots of snow. Part of the park was still not opened due to snow removal still going on. We posed by this snow drift that was well over 10 feet tall still. The path we walked to look at the lake was covered in parts. Don't worry, that snow did not stop us or our fearless children. Of course Bryce's shoes are still wet, but would you expect anything less?
We are contemplating using this picture for our Christmas card this year. Ready, Aim . . . but it was a bit off since the front of the truck was my tripod. : ) We ate our picnic lunch in this area. As you can see Matt and I are a bit weak. No one else wears their jackets in the snow.

If any of you have ever been here, you can appreciate this park. To be honest we did not really know why we were going here. Our National Parks pass that we bought a year ago was about to expire and since we were near this place we decided to go, I guess. It is not a well visited park with less than 500,000 people visiting it each year. Zion has over 2 million, so there is a comparison for you. This lake was once a volcano that collapsed in on itself and is now a lake. The snow that falls here melts and fills the lake. There is no inlets or outlets for this lake. The sides are so steep too that there is only one way down to the lake that has been made. The water is amazingly blue.
This is a picture of the lake with Wizard Hat Island. They said the island looked like a wizard hat, thus it's name. Guess it was inspiration for Harry Potter movies. The water was so blue we could not believe it. If you have ever been to Hawaii, it was a close race with that ocean water. If you have ever been to Quail Lake, well it was not even close to that brown water. : )
Bryce enjoys posing for me with his serious little looks. The other two just do it because I make them. ;) Oh well, I am mom and they are obedient.


  1. Beautiful water, but extremely COLD I bet! I like the snowball picture for Christmas cards the best! How am I doing at catching up so far?

  2. I agree with Mel on the Christmas card. You are quite the little photographer!