Saturday, June 26, 2010

San Francisco - Pier 39 - Fisherman's Warf and Baseball

Pier 39 with Alcatraz in the background. Fun stop to see lots of things at.

Friday was a travel day from Yosemite to a KOA a bit east if San Francisco. It's just one of those places we had to visit once, so we gave it a try. It did not disappoint either. We had a few things we wanted to do, so we took two days to get them done. The first day we went to Pier 39. It was a crazy place with lots of tourist, so we fit right in. :) We watched a magic show, took pictures of Alcatraz and saw a ton of seals. We then ventured down the street a bit to see the famous Fisherman's Warf. It was full of lots of crazy people too, but interesting to see. So many people had some talents to share to see if we would pay money to see them perform. Most of their talents should have remained hidden.

Our other goal for today was to go to the baseball game. We were at AT&T park home of the San Francisco Giants who hosted the Boston Red Sox. We got their way early and watched the Red Sox in their pre-game warm-ups. The players were hitting and several went foul. A guy was standing near Bryce when a ball came there way. He caught the ball, but tossed it to Bryce and told him he already had one so Bryce could have his. Brooke a bit later was able to get another ball autographed by Dustin Richardson who is a pitcher for Boston who did pitch that game. Then during the sixth inning Matt caught a ball the center fielder threw after warm-ups. It was a fun filled day.

We really didn't care who won, but we enjoyed the game. You could definitely tell we were not in Utah anymore. By the 7th inning stretch, drinking had taken its toll and things were a bit wild. We had 5th row seats just over centerfield. A few homeruns when out to our right and one to our left. It was a good experience for the family.

Matt thinking he's cool with the ball I told him to wake up and pay attention to so he could catch it. Seconds later it was thrown to him. Crazy how quick this kid listens to mom. :)
Now the return trip back to the car is another story in itself. I definitely don't like public transportation. Good thing we are a fit family. We have made our poor kids walk way more than should be legal. :(

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  1. You are a girl after my own heart.....anything to save a BUCK!!! :)