Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sequoia National Forest - Home of the Big Trees!

Today was an amazing day. I would have to list Sequoia National Park on one of my top 10 favorite parks. I have been to many too, but it was great. These pictures don't even do justice for the size of these trees. They are just massive!! This tree above is the General Sherman Sequoia. It is the biggest tree in the world. There are other trees that are taller, but this tree has the biggest volume ever. Meaning for you lack of math knowledge readers : ) this tree is bigger in the base and what is inside than any other tree. It was amazing to see these trees. We read lots on them and found that the Sequoias and the Redwoods are different. The Sequoias are more massive, but the Redwoods in Northern California are taller. I think I will stick with the Sequoias they are great. We did lots of hiking today too, but not as much and way less uphill walks. Today was an adventure though. There were lots of people in the park, but at one point we were the only people on a trail in the forest. It was a bit scary especially when we know animals wondered close to the people. We also hiked up Moro Rock which is a mountain of over 400 stairs to an amazing view. My little Bryce counted the stairs and he got 477, and I listened to him count, so I will go with what his final count was.

This gives just a small idea of the size of these trees with Darin in the picture. They were amazing. My little family gets so tired of me telling them to pose. : )

Darin and I on the top of Moro Rock. It was kind of like Angel's Landing. Amazing and beautiful from so high up. We did not stay long. Found out many of us do not like heights. ; )

Gross - What is that?

Yes, it belongs to this little fella. It was so crazy, we saw four bears. They could care less about the people though, they just kept eating. I wanted a little better picture, but the closeup lens was working the best it could and there is no way I was getting any closer. Today was great. Decided I am going to write a book. Want to title it "Taking them to all 50 - A family guide for vacations." Okay, maybe not really, but I have came across several things to share with people. Where to go, what to stay away from and many other tips I think would be helpful.


  1. In response to your question on What is that? it looks like a lobster.

  2. I have to second the question on What is that...Lobster for me too. You just keep those kids and hubby posing (sp) because we all like it! Someday we are going to get past Long Beach, CA and see some new scenery at Sequioa!

  3. Ok you may think it was lobster, but it really does belong to the little bear. There were lots of bears in the park. We saw several places with bear poop. This was our real good shot of it though. :)