Thursday, July 1, 2010

Like a Lighthouse!!

Wow how time flies - already July! Where has the year gone? Today on our trip was the day to visit the lighthouse. We found one you could still go on a tour of. Ever been to the top of a lighthouse? Not us, so we decided to give it a try. Now we need to watch that movie Pete's Dragon to show the kids how it works. Old movie for us old folk, most of you probably don' t remember it. :) This light house Cape Blanco is the one furthest west on the Oregon Coast. It was real neat inside. The kids liked it and were mostly good inside too. :) After visiting this lighthouse, we decided it was time to head North to Florence. Lots to see that direction too.

This was a fun walk up to the top. About 70 stairs and a pretty view.

The lighthouse guide described how the lighthouse worked and told us that the light was visible for up to 21 miles. This glass for the light is directly from France. One of the few remaining types like this. It was very interesting to see how these things work.

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