Friday, July 9, 2010

Family Reunion

Funny how vacations work - we plan our trips way in advance, but it worked out that our vacation ended the same time as my family reunion was happening. We took a few days and stayed with them and had a great time. It was so fun to see some people we had not seen for a year or more. It's always great to see grandma even thought Bryce always struggles when he has to leave her. We had a good time at the swimming pool that was at the campground too. It was a hot pool and that works great for me. :) Matt found some girls to swim with and that helped make his trip. He was able to add a few contacts to his texting list. :)
To start the reunion my niece, Dru, came a bit too fast down a hill and tripped flying over a electric box, hit the ground and busted her arm. She is a strong girl though and still had a fun time with us. That cute frog shirt Kenzi has on was Dru's then Brooke's now hers. What a favorite shirt to pass down.
Aunt Dee with her favorite triplets!! She came from Arizona for the reunion to see us!
Bryce has always loved to run from Jenny and not give him hugs. She finally caught him with the help of someone, but he still pushed away from giving her a hug. :)
Bunches of cousins at the reunion. Always fun to play some football, horseshoes, swim and just chase each other, when you are with cousins.
My cousin, Travis's son, Conley. He is a great kid who the kids loved to play with. He can be rough and push his way for a touchdown or wrestle with the kids. Whatever it is he does, they love him.
Uncle Sam with the kids. Wish we could see him more, but he still lives in Wyoming. He lives right next to where we grew up. He was our second dad when we were younger, always keeping us out of trouble. Sure love him.

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