Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pogo Anyone?

Ok, I have heard a lot of funny things in life and presents people want, but when most kids turn 8 and you ask them what they want for their birthday you get the normal, a remote control car, a bike or 3 :) or maybe a dog toy, a stuffed animal or many of other normal young desires. Who, besides our little Bryce, would ask grandma for a Pogo Stick? Well he did and he is becoming quite the pogo boy. Today I walked up to my mom's and had him go with me. He almost made it the whole way. To begin his adventures he jumped about 17 times, then he was excited to get to 39, then all of a sudden he got to 100, then it was just a breeze after that. He got to 370 yesterday. It can be an annoying sound, but his little muscles are getting a workout. :) He is a funny boy and very determined. Him and Matt have looked up the world record and they found out you have to jump over 177,000 times for the jumping record or go a distance of 23 miles for the distance record. He is working on it now. Look for his name in the next book of World Records. :)

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