Sunday, July 4, 2010

How do you know you aren't in Utah for the 4th of July?

So you know you are not in Utah anymore when you actually watch fireworks on Sunday the 4th of July!! You also know you you aren't in Hurricane when you are wrapped in blankets watching the fireworks. :) This year we were in Seattle, Washington for the 4th. It was funny to sit in one area and watch fireworks for several different communities. We were a bit of a distance from all of them though, so it wasn't that great for sound. Our little RV park put on a bit of a show for all of us campers. It was like one you would put on at your home, so it wasn't too great, but was fun.

To start our day on the 4th we drove from Portland to Seattle. On our way we stopped at the Mount St. Helen's Visitors Center. That was a very interesting place. We watched a video that explained the history of the mountain, then looked at lots of pictures and displays. It was too cloudy to see the mountain that day, but it was really neat to learn more about the volcano. The kids liked it because it was a volcano and there were lots of neat displays. It was also fun to tell them stories about when we were there age and what we remembered about the eruption. We had ash in Wyoming I remember.
A bit farther down the road we stopped and visited with Darin's brother and his family who live in Washington. It's been almost two years since they left Hurricane to live in Washington. It was a good visit and fun to catch up on them and their lives. After the visit it was off to Seattle and our fireworks show!! Greg, Diana, Chris, Andrew and Kimberly in Washington.

Some of the cousins - Matt, Chris, Britton, Bryce, Andrew, Kimberly and Brooke.

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