Saturday, July 3, 2010

OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

We went to Portland today. We left our previous place early so we could get to OMSI. This is where the teacher comes out in us. This place is a hands on museum of science stuff. It was an amazing stop that we all loved. When we first got there we went to a movie in the Omnimax about dinosaurs. It was pretty good. Then we went on a tour of a submarine. It was real fun because you could go through the sub and touch lots of parts. The kids really liked it. Then came the science play. We went to the chemistry lab where we got to mix chemicals and find out different things. Me and Britt learned how clorox works and how it can take stains out. Bryce and Matt put a wire in the flame of a bunson burner to determine why fireworks are different colors. Brooke and Dad learned why you take antiacids when your stomach hurts. There were places where we made a rocket from a 2-liter bottle with water and air. Then there was a place to look for insects and small animals like snakes and rats. There was a display for Einstein. That was fun try to explain who he was and what he had done. A good quote I like of his is "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”– Albert Einstein Probably one of the most intriguing displays was in the Life Science area where there were over 30 fetuses showing the growth of a baby from just weeks to birth. Brooke is a little more interested in that, so it was fun trying to explain how the development works. Bryce recently asked why we have a bellybutton. Being able to show him why seemed to make more sense than just explaining. The whole museum was amazing. We stayed there for 5 hours. Now for the bad part though, in all the hurrying, I left my camera at the camper. So the pictures are where we went and what we saw, just imagine we were in the pictures.

This is the USS Blueback Sub we went inside. There were lots of fun things to see.

There were several displays with electricity on them. We enjoyed playing there and shocking each other on some of the parts. It started hurting after while though. :)

Interesting display to read about all kinds of math things. :)

This Chemistry lab was really neat. I took a picture of us in our goggles on my cell phone. Any able to tell me how to get the picture from my phone to here? Let me know because it should be a good geeky picture. :)

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  1. It is good that you gave yourself that much time to really explore, I love those kind of museums!