Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Willy!! (and us too!)

Today we went to Newport, Oregon where the Oregon Coast Aquarium is located. This is where Free Willy was supposed to have been taken care of. It was a fun aquarium. We saw lots of sea life. The kids really liked touching the Anemity (spell) that's where Nemo lived. :)
We were able to walk under a big tube where fish and sharks were kept. Sometimes it looked like the animals were swimming right to you. On our return trip we made a few stops by the ocean. Talk about cold and no desire to go swimming! Not them, they are all for it. It was fun watching them run and play and me trying to find seashells. Oregon coasts only have pieces, no real big shells. We made a quick stop at the Heceta Lighthouse and took a few pictures. What is this lighthouse known for? It is the most photographed lighthouse so I had to add to that statistic. : ) That afternoon we went to my aunt's who lives in the area. We figured it had been almost 20 years since I had see her son. It was good to see them. Lots of fun things everyday!

Bryce looking in the shark tank. Notice the shark on his left. They were all over the tank.

The family posing around the shark teeth at the aquarium.

How do kids run on a cold beach? Oregon does have some very pretty beaches. They were lots different from the California ones most of us are used to going to.

The Heceta Lighthouse. Most photographed lighthouse, that I photographed too. :)
My dad's sister, Ilene and her family Kenny, Scott, and Tia.

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