Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Can't Wait to Turn 8! (But mom and dad can)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Bryce, Britton and Brooke, Happy birthday to you! Now that is a tongue twister one on all those B's. :)
Eight years ago we had lots of people around too, celebrating that we were doing so well even if we only weighed, 2lb3oz, 3lb15oz, and 3lb9oz. Look at us now!

We are definitely not a family to settle down and relax much. We got home Monday evening and were up Tuesday for a run and a visit to the skin doctor. After an 8 year battle with a spot on my upper lip, the doc said it was time to remove some skin cancer. The first surgery was Tuesday and the second was Wednesday. To add to the events we had set up the kids big birthday party for Wednesday at the pool. Not knowing we would have skin doctor issues we mailed invitations from Oregon and had the party planned. Knowing I would have tons of help from sister-in-laws, friends, and Darin, we decided not to change the party. Oh what fun everyone had. The turnout was great and we had so much fun. I was a bit drugged up still from the medicine, but made it through the party with little problems. The kids had invited a few friends from school and then we invited cousins, neighbors, and anyone else we thought may want to join us for the big 8th Birthday. Can't believe it has been 8 years. Time has sure flown by from my days laying in a hospital bed looking up at three sets of tiny baby socks knowing I was doing it for them. I sure appreciate all the help and love that everyone from the village has offered in raising this group of three. I know the big brother will never read this, but big thanks to him. He is looked up to by not only three little ones, but mom too.
Britton takes a plunge off the low diving board, but would soon go for the high dive.
Brooke enjoys her watermelon.
Yes this is my good smile. :) And yes, I am still missing my two front teeth!I am the big brother and I am glad they invited me to this party. Who should I go tease now?

Yes, I am the cause of this day. ;) But all seem to love them and the party.

This was me most of the evening wiping goo from my stitches. The kids were concerned, but it did not slow down their swimming.
Brooke and her friends Gracie and Madi that came to the party.
There are sure some strong Thomas genes in these two cousins.

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